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Candi KiSSes
17 January
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My Turn Offs:
Snobs, ugly guys, long hair on guys, too fat, too white, dirty nails, no money
My Turn Ons:
Kisses on my neck, Kisses on my belly (damn, u got me then!!), messages, fast cars, money, guys with deep voices, thuGGs, R&B music, good cologne, Ja Rule, Pammy Anderson

E'r body talks live but they got no game, see me front seat at the Nicks game....
- Lil Kim

oUtLaWz - LoSt CaUsE
acting crazy, adam sandler, alcohol, arby's, bacardi, bats, bbq fritos, belly buttons, belly rings, bentleys, big boobs, big cities, birthdays, blankets, blink 182, boots, boys, bridges, cars, cd's, cell phones, cheese, chicken, chicken cheese steaks, clouds, clubs, cow & chicken, dancing, days off from work, diamonds, dollars, dolphines, dreamcast, dresses, driving, eminem, erin, exotic dancers, family, fast cars, fish, flowers, football, french kisses, french manicures, friends, g-string diva's, ginger ale, girls, god, going to the beach, gold, guitars, gum, guys, hawaii, hawaiian food, highways, home movies, hot dogs, hotels, hugging, incense, inside jokes, islands, italians, ja rule, jay z, jeans, jeff, josh, kailua, kalua pork, kissing, lexus, limp biskut, long hair, long kisses, long nails, lotion, love, mafia, making love, malls, mechanical tooth brushes, modeling, money, mountains, movies, music, my boyfriend, my sister, necklaces, new york, oahu, oceans, palm trees, parties, peircings, penny candy, perfume, pez, philadelphia, pictures, pillows, platinum, plumerias, presents, puerto ricans, racing, rainbows, rap, rings, road trips, roller coasters, rubber stamps, rugrats, sand, shenmue, shoes, short kisses, singing, soap, sopranos, spam musubi, stars, stilettos, straight hair, summer, surfing, swedish fish, swimming, tall buildings, tattoos, tea, temptation island, thongs, tiburons, tinted windows, trees, warm weather, water, water falls, weed, wet kisses, whales, wine coolers, yellow

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